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Explore Dora Kelley Nature Park Near The Olympus Condominiums

Dora Kelley Nature Park is a 50-acre recreation area and wildlife preserve in Alexandria. Located right in the middle of a residential neighborhood in Alexandria, the park is an untainted reprieve from the hustle and bustle of the city buzzing around it and it offers an exciting glimpse of conservation efforts in Northern Virginia. There are several entrances to the park but the main one is at the corner of Beauregard Street and Morgan Street. Dora Kelley Park is a prime birding spot with several species frequenting the park such as tufted titmouse, white-breasted nuthatch, belted kingfisher, and several woodpecker species. Holmes Run Stream Valley Trail, a biking/hiking trail traverses the park along wooded hillsides, streams, and freshwater marsh. It is a great place for a stroll, to bring your dog, or set up a picnic. You can spot white-tail deer, fox, rabbits, frogs, salamanders, and turtles. Jerome Buddie Ford Nature Center is inside the park and offers interpretive exhibits on local history and geology, an aquarium and live animals, a small reference library, and a greenhouse with rainforest plants among others. They also have year-round events programming and after-school nature programs.

Properties in Landmark

6300 Stevenson Ave #520

[$195,000, Alexandria, VA 22304]

307 Yoakum Pkwy #614

[$309,950, Alexandria, VA 22304]

523 N Armistead St #203

[$220,000, Alexandria, VA 22312]

301 N Beauregard St #406

[$249,700, Alexandria, VA 22312]

273 S Pickett St #301

[$385,000, Alexandria, VA 22304]

203 Yoakum Pkwy #1202

[$219,900, Alexandria, VA 22304]

250 S Reynolds St #1504

[$224,000, Alexandria, VA 22304]

6135 Edsall Rd #I

[$330,000, Alexandria, VA 22304]

4 S van Dorn St #201

[$225,000, Alexandria, VA 22304]

60 S. van Dorn St S #207

[$175,999, Alexandria, VA 22304]

6301 Stevenson Ave #410

[$280,000, Alexandria, VA 22304]

5250 Valley Forge Dr #214

[$216,000, Alexandria, VA 22304]

12 S van Dorn St #202

[$179,000, Alexandria, VA 22304]


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