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Cape Cod-Style $510,000 -|- 8428 Washington Ave Alexandria VA 22309

Photo of 8428 Washington Ave
8428 Washington Ave, Alexandria 22309 <!--

MOTIVATED SELLER – home is an amazing deal for this updated cape codon a huge lot in Alexandria! This home offers plentiful natural light, a spacious kitchen, family room & sunroom addition, gas fireplace, pellet stove and more! Spacious … [Read more]

Photo of 8428 Washington Ave $510,000 -|- 3 bed -|- 2 bath -|- 1 half-bath -|- Alexandria 22309 VA Photo of 8428 Washington Ave

What Elementary School Choices Are Available For A Similar List Price In Alexandria?

Abingdon2 Active
Aldrin12 Active
Alvey15 Active
Annandale Terrace5 Active
Antietam5 Active
Arlington Science Focus7 Active
Armstrong13 Active
Ashland12 Active
Ashlawn10 Active
Baileys2 Active
Baldwin8 Active
Barcroft7 Active
Barrett1 Active
Beech Tree4 Active
Bel Air1 Active
Belle View13 Active
Belmont8 Active
Belvedere4 Active
Bennett20 Active
Bonnie Brae9 Active
Braddock14 Active
Bren Mar Park4 Active
Bristow Run3 Active
Brookfield6 Active
Buckland Mills22 Active
Bucknell2 Active
Bull Run3 Active
Bush Hill8 Active
Call School Board15 Active
Camelot5 Active
Cameron12 Active
Canterbury Woods3 Active
Cardinal Forest7 Active
Carlin Springs1 Active
Cedar Point2 Active
Centre Ridge4 Active
Centreville5 Active
Charles Barrett8 Active
Cherry Run3 Active
Chesterbrook33 Active
Chris Yung2 Active
Churchill Road29 Active
Claremont2 Active
Clearview4 Active
Clermont8 Active
Coles9 Active
Columbia4 Active
Colvin Run37 Active
Cora Kelly Magnet3 Active
Cougar3 Active
Covington-Harper17 Active
Crestwood7 Active
Crossfield7 Active
Cub Run5 Active
Cunningham Park16 Active
Dahlgren1 Active
Dale City4 Active
Daniels Run26 Active
Dean2 Active
Deer Park1 Active
Discovery6 Active
Dogwood2 Active
Douglas Macarthur24 Active
Dranesville6 Active
Drew2 Active
Drew Model2 Active
Dumfries5 Active
Eagle View6 Active
Ellis2 Active
Enterprise2 Active
Fairfax Villa13 Active
Fairhill11 Active
Fairview26 Active
Featherstone5 Active
Fitzgerald13 Active
Flint Hill19 Active
Floris11 Active
Forest Edge9 Active
Forestdale5 Active
Forestville32 Active
Fort Hunt6 Active
Fox Mill3 Active
Francis Scott Key8 Active
Franconia9 Active
Franklin Sherman39 Active
Freedom Hill7 Active
Garfield3 Active
George C. Round2 Active
George Mason5 Active
Glebe12 Active
Glen Forest5 Active
Glenkirk5 Active
Graham Road2 Active
Gravely32 Active
Great Falls82 Active
Greenbriar East8 Active
Greenbriar West1 Active
Groveton8 Active
Gunston13 Active
Halley14 Active
Haycock14 Active
Haydon1 Active
Hayfield10 Active
Haymarket10 Active
Henderson12 Active
Herndon10 Active
Hoffman-Boston2 Active
Hollin Meadows11 Active
Hunt Valley2 Active
Hunters Woods10 Active
Hutchison1 Active
Hybla Valley2 Active
Island Creek4 Active
James K. Polk4 Active
Jamestown29 Active
Jefferson-Houston22 Active
Jennie Dean2 Active
John Adams3 Active
Keene Mill6 Active
Kent Gardens32 Active
Kerrydale3 Active
Key2 Active
Kilby2 Active
King4 Active
Kings Glen2 Active
Kings Park8 Active
Kyle R Wilson1 Active
Kyle R. Wilson2 Active
Lake Anne42 Active
Lake Ridge6 Active
Lane7 Active
Laurel Hill8 Active
Laurel Ridge5 Active
Lees Corner6 Active
Leesylvania4 Active
Lemon Road6 Active
Little Run7 Active
Loch Lomond4 Active
London Towne4 Active
Long Branch9 Active
Lorton Station7 Active
Louis Archer2 Active
Louise Archer8 Active
Lutie Lewis Coates10 Active
Lyles-Crouch24 Active
Manassas Park7 Active
Mantua10 Active
Marshall9 Active
Marshall Road21 Active
Marumsco Hills5 Active
Mary G. Porter Traditional1 Active
Mason Crest9 Active
Maury4 Active
McKinley3 Active
McNair2 Active
Minnieville1 Active
Montclair8 Active
Mosby Woods4 Active
Mount Daniel1 Active
Mount Vernon8 Active
Mount Vernon Woods3 Active
Mountain View5 Active
Mt Daniel2 Active
Mt Vernon Woods1 Active
Mullen5 Active
Navy6 Active
Neabsco3 Active
Newington Forest14 Active
Nokesville6 Active
North Springfield11 Active
Nottingham8 Active
Oak Hill2 Active
Oak View9 Active
Oakridge11 Active
Oakton24 Active
Occoquan9 Active
Old Bridge7 Active
Olde Creek4 Active
Orange Hunt4 Active
Parklawn2 Active
Patrick Henry2 Active
Pattie9 Active
Penn12 Active
Pine Spring4 Active
Piney Branch17 Active
Poplar Tree3 Active
Potomac View2 Active
Powell8 Active
Providence8 Active
R.C. Haydon1 Active
Randolph2 Active
Ravensworth3 Active
River Oaks5 Active
Riverside3 Active
Rockledge3 Active
Rolling Valley2 Active
Rosa Parks2 Active
Rose Hill6 Active
Samuel W. Tucker11 Active
Sangster6 Active
Saratoga4 Active
Sherman4 Active
Shrevewood16 Active
Signal Hill15 Active
Silverbrook9 Active
Sinclair3 Active
Sleepy Hollow7 Active
Spring Hill67 Active
Springfield Estates1 Active
Springwoods6 Active
Stenwood8 Active
Stratford Landing9 Active
Sudley4 Active
Sunrise Valley24 Active
Swans Creek7 Active
T Clay Wood7 Active
T. Clay Wood Elementary3 Active
Taylor16 Active
Terra Centre4 Active
Terraset13 Active
The Nokesville School22 Active
Thomas Jefferson5 Active
Timber Lane7 Active
Triangle11 Active
Tuckahoe4 Active
Tyler14 Active
Union Mill17 Active
Vaughan1 Active
Victory1 Active
Vienna17 Active
Virginia Run12 Active
Wakefield Forest7 Active
Waples Mill31 Active
Washington Mill14 Active
Waynewood14 Active
Weems2 Active
West Gate2 Active
West Springfield7 Active
Westbriar14 Active
Westgate18 Active
Westlawn4 Active
Westridge18 Active
Weyanoke5 Active
White Oaks6 Active
William Ramsay4 Active
Williams10 Active
Willow Springs8 Active
Wolftrap16 Active
Woodburn5 Active
Woodlawn1 Active
Woodley Hills7 Active
Yorkshire11 Active

What Styles Are Available For A Similar List Price In Fairfax County?

A-Frame2 Active
A-Frame, Contemporary2 Active
Art Deco5 Active
Art Deco, Bungalow1 Active
Art Deco, Cape Cod, Contemporary, Craftsman, Traditional1 Active
Back-to-Back3 Active
Back-to-Back, Colonial1 Active
Back-to-Back, Contemporary1 Active
Beaux Arts1 Active
Bi-level13 Active
Bi-level, Colonial2 Active
Bungalow12 Active
Bungalow, Craftsman1 Active
Bungalow, Ranch/Rambler1 Active
Bungalow, Spanish1 Active
Cabin/Lodge2 Active
Cape Cod72 Active
Cape Cod, Colonial1 Active
Cape Cod, Traditional, Other1 Active
Carriage House3 Active
Carriage House, Federal1 Active
Chalet1 Active
Coastal3 Active
Colonial1344 Active
Colonial, Carriage House1 Active
Colonial, Contemporary8 Active
Colonial, Contemporary, Coastal1 Active
Colonial, Contemporary, Transitional1 Active
Colonial, Craftsman4 Active
Colonial, Craftsman, Cape Cod1 Active
Colonial, Craftsman, Traditional1 Active
Colonial, Dutch1 Active
Colonial, Dwelling w/Separate Living Area1 Active
Colonial, Federal1 Active
Colonial, Federal, Georgian, Traditional1 Active
Colonial, French2 Active
Colonial, Georgian2 Active
Colonial, Loft2 Active
Colonial, Loft with Bedrooms1 Active
Colonial, Manor2 Active
Colonial, Other2 Active
Colonial, Raised Ranch/Rambler1 Active
Colonial, Spanish, Transitional, Traditional1 Active
Colonial, Split Foyer3 Active
Colonial, Traditional17 Active
Colonial, Traditional, Georgian1 Active
Colonial, Transitional3 Active
Colonial, Transitional, Traditional1 Active
Colonial, Tudor1 Active
Colonial, Unit/Flat, Bi-level1 Active
Colonial, Victorian1 Active
Contemporary400 Active
Contemporary, Art Deco1 Active
Contemporary, Coastal1 Active
Contemporary, Colonial2 Active
Contemporary, Craftsman3 Active
Contemporary, Craftsman, Farmhouse/National Folk1 Active
Contemporary, Farmhouse/National Folk1 Active
Contemporary, Loft2 Active
Contemporary, Loft, Unit/Flat1 Active
Contemporary, Other1 Active
Contemporary, Post & Beam2 Active
Contemporary, Ranch/Rambler1 Active
Contemporary, Spanish1 Active
Contemporary, Split Level1 Active
Contemporary, Traditional2 Active
Contemporary, Transitional6 Active
Contemporary, Unit/Flat2 Active
Converted Barn1 Active
Converted Dwelling, Contemporary1 Active
Cottage9 Active
Cottage, Bungalow1 Active
Cottage, Colonial1 Active
Cottage, Ranch/Rambler, Other1 Active
Craftsman210 Active
Craftsman, Colonial6 Active
Craftsman, Colonial, Farmhouse/National Folk1 Active
Craftsman, Colonial, French1 Active
Craftsman, Colonial, Traditional1 Active
Craftsman, Contemporary4 Active
Craftsman, Farmhouse/National Folk1 Active
Craftsman, Loft with Bedrooms, Side-by-Side1 Active
Craftsman, Other1 Active
Craftsman, Traditional2 Active
Craftsman, Traditional, Transitional1 Active
Craftsman, Transitional1 Active
Dutch1 Active
Dutch, Colonial2 Active
Dwelling w/Separate Living Area, Victorian, Farmhouse/National Folk1 Active
Farmhouse/National Folk22 Active
Farmhouse/National Folk, Contemporary, Craftsman2 Active
Farmhouse/National Folk, Craftsman, Colonial1 Active
Farmhouse/National Folk, Craftsman, Transitional, Colonial3 Active
Farmhouse/National Folk, Transitional1 Active
Federal20 Active
French20 Active
French, Colonial2 Active
French, Colonial, Manor1 Active
French, Manor, Transitional1 Active
French, Other, Traditional, Manor1 Active
French, Transitional2 Active
French, Transitional, Traditional, Federal1 Active
French, Villa, Colonial1 Active
Georgian7 Active
Loft1 Active
Loft with Bedrooms1 Active
Loft with Bedrooms, Contemporary1 Active
Loft, Loft with Bedrooms, Split Level, Contemporary1 Active
Loft, Loft with Bedrooms, Traditional1 Active
Log Home, Farmhouse/National Folk, Colonial1 Active
Manor4 Active
Manor, Traditional1 Active
Manor, Transitional1 Active
Modular/Pre-Fabricated2 Active
Other157 Active
Other, A-Frame1 Active
Other, Back-to-Back1 Active
Other, Colonial4 Active
Other, Contemporary2 Active
Other, Craftsman, Contemporary1 Active
Other, Raised Ranch/Rambler1 Active
Other, Traditional, Colonial1 Active
Post & Beam, Contemporary1 Active
Prairie, Contemporary, Craftsman1 Active
Raised Ranch/Rambler37 Active
Raised Ranch/Rambler, Ranch/Rambler3 Active
Ranch/Rambler157 Active
Ranch/Rambler, Raised Ranch/Rambler2 Active
Ranch/Rambler, Traditional3 Active
Side-by-Side1 Active
Side-by-Side, Traditional1 Active
Spanish, Villa1 Active
Split Foyer42 Active
Split Foyer, Colonial2 Active
Split Foyer, Other1 Active
Split Foyer, Split Level4 Active
Split Level92 Active
Split Level, Contemporary1 Active
Traditional321 Active
Traditional, A-Frame, Colonial1 Active
Traditional, Bi-level1 Active
Traditional, Cape Cod1 Active
Traditional, Colonial9 Active
Traditional, Contemporary2 Active
Traditional, Converted Dwelling, Unit/Flat1 Active
Traditional, Cottage1 Active
Traditional, Craftsman1 Active
Traditional, Other1 Active
Traditional, Ranch/Rambler1 Active
Traditional, Split Level1 Active
Traditional, Split Level, Other1 Active
Traditional, Transitional3 Active
Traditional, Transitional, Colonial1 Active
Traditional, Unit/Flat1 Active
Traditional, Villa1 Active
Transitional60 Active
Transitional, Contemporary4 Active
Transitional, Craftsman, Contemporary2 Active
Transitional, Traditional, Contemporary1 Active
Transitional, Tudor1 Active
Tudor5 Active
Tudor, Traditional1 Active
Unit/Flat50 Active
Unit/Flat, Loft, Contemporary1 Active
Unit/Flat, Traditional1 Active
Unit/Flat, Transitional4 Active
Victorian7 Active
Victorian, Farmhouse/National Folk2 Active
Villa8 Active
Villa, Raised Ranch/Rambler, Ranch/Rambler1 Active

How Much Do Similarly-Sized Properties Cost In Fairfax County?

Affordable ($1 to $300,000) 306 Active
Entry-Level ($300,001 to $750,000) 1678 Active
Premium ($750,001 to $1,100,000) 547 Active
Luxury ($1,100,001 to $1,500,000) 321 Active
Super Luxury ($1,500,001 And Up) 473 Active
Check the status on
8428 Washington Ave, Alexandria 22309 <!--

MOTIVATED SELLER - home is an amazing deal for this updated cape codon a huge lot in Alexandria! This home offers plentiful natural light, a spacious kitchen, family room & sunroom addition, gas fireplace, pellet stove and more! Spacious ... [Read more]

|| Mt Zephyr || Buyer’s Rebate From Nesbitt Realty: $2,574 || MLS: VAFX1088664


4218 Kincaid Ct
4218 Kincaid Ct $519,000
10605 Busick Ct
10605 Busick Ct $514,900
6307 10th St
6307 10th St $509,900

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