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Sell Your $199,990 1-BR 1 BA Place Using These Staging Clues

Photo of 301 N Beauregard St W #1114 When the seller makes the effort to give the buyer feeling that the property is his dream home, the buyer has a harder time moving on the next property. What steps can you take now to get your best price as quickly as possible for a contemporaries-style unit in a contemporary-style community much the same as The Fountains? Photo of 301 N Beauregard St W #1114 What paint colors will help move your residence quickly and which colors will fetch the best price? Have you ever noticed that builders go with a simple color scheme? Unlike most property owners, builders sell a lot of houses and they have learned, as my experience has taught me, that a simple color scheme is best. When my client asks for my input, I in turn rely on painting and staging professionals. They often tell me that an accent color repeated throughout the home can make the typical neutral colors more visually interesting. Photo of 301 N Beauregard St W #1114 Your home doesn't need to be picture-perfect but it should be an “artist-ready” piece of canvass. You can hide a lot of clutter using organization solutions, but in the end boxes, containers and racks are tools that can help, but they aren't magic. Some stuff will just have to go into storage. Every day fill a box with stuff. Not only will this make your home more presentable, but it will also make moving day less stressful and easier to manage. Photo of 301 N Beauregard St W #1114 When you decide to sell, you have to think seriously about removing some of your personal indulgences. Depersonalizing is a good idea when you decide to sell. When someone looks at your unit, they're trying to decide if this will be their home. Photo of 301 N Beauregard St W #1114 Here's some more suggestions:
  • A little potpourri in the bathrooms can help the room's appeal.
  • Replace your light bulbs with higher wattage bulbs. Brighter light bulbs make a big difference when your selling a home.
  • Arrange furniture to maximize floor space but to create conversation zones where a buyer can imagine chatting with friends or family.
  • Want to add a bed to a vacant bedroom? Arrange moving boxes into the shape of a bed. Then place a duvet cover over the boxes!
My advice? If you're thinking about selling, get to know what's for sale in 22312. Take a look at the pictures and ask yourself how your unit compares to other 1-bedroom units for sale in Alexandria Virginia. Your property seeker is going to pay a premium for the privilege of owning real estate in Alexandria. But that same buyer is going to expect a lot.   How can we help achieve your real estate goals? Speak to an agent today to find out how.  Nesbitt Realty is your real estate resource in Northern Virginia.

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